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Record Store Day

Hi-Fi Hits is excited to announce that Record Store Day is coming up this Saturday, the 22nd! Record Store Day started in 2007 as a way of celebrating the unique culture surrounding independent record stores. It’s been going strong for over a decade now and it’s only getting bigger and better every year.

The purpose of Record Store Day is to recognize the importance of independent record stores like Hi-Fi Hits in Buffalo and to celebrate the shared love of music between fans and store owners alike. The event also serves to raise awareness about physical media (records, CDs, etc.) and how they offer an experience that digital downloads simply can’t provide.

This year, Hi-Fi Hits will be offering some exclusive Record Store Day releases. Everyone from music fanatics to casual listeners can find something to love in the selection of records available. But don’t wait too long – these special release albums are highly sought after and tend to go fast! We suggest planning ahead and getting here early so you don’t miss out on your favorite record.

At Hi-Fi Hits, we strive to provide a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone who comes through our doors, especially during Record Store Day. So come on down this Saturday and join us in celebrating independent music culture!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Record Store Day Countdown | 4 Days Left

Record Store day is so so close now! Only 4 days to go! A Record Store Day exclusive that many are looking forward is The Midnight’s “Red, White & Bruised”.

The Midnight Live’s vinyl release of “Red, White and Bruised” is the band’s debut live album. It includes some of their most popular songs from their 2022 US tour, such as “Sunset”, “Days of Thunder” and “Deep Blue” – tracks that skillfully combine Americana with synthpop and rock elements. Following the huge success of their European leg of the tour, which included a sold-out show at London’s Brixton Academy in May 2022, this special edition vinyl is being issued in limited numbers – with each package containing one of three colors randomly (Blue, Red or “Natural” Clear). The iridescent gatefold packaging also features a MirriBoard hologram effect and a poster insert.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 5 Days Left

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!! We’ve got a real special one for y’all today with The Verve Pipe’s “Villains” which is getting the ‘RSD First’ Exclusive Release special treatment as well with a specialty cyan colored vinyl.

The Verve Pipe’s album Villains is a powerful and thought-provoking collection of songs that captures the essence of alternative rock in the late 90s. Released in 1997, this 11 track album introduces the band to a mainstream audience with emotionally complex and melodic anthems like “The Freshmen,” “Photograph,” and “Myself.” With their distinct style of guitar-driven rock, The Verve Pipe created an album that was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

And nearly three decades later, the momentum is still alive. The Verve Pipe impressively pulls in over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, while the official video for “The Freshmen” has surpassed 25 million views on YouTube. “The Freshmen” has even seen another resurgence in 2023 thanks to a viral TikTok trend.

The Verve Pipe founding member and vocalist Brian Vander Ark comments on the release; “As a child of the ’70s, there was no greater thrill than tearing through a new album’s shrink wrap, looking at the artwork and wondering if there would be photos, printed lyrics, or both. I’m thrilled that there is interest in that format again and that our album, Villains, is being released on vinyl.”

Long-time Verve Pipe manager Doug Buttleman adds; “Villains was always meant to be on vinyl. From the moment they finished recording and the album was mastered, the band has always wanted it available on the same classic format they knew so well and loved. Thanks to Ryan and Wargod, it’s finally happening. It’s been a long wait, but hearing it now, well worth it.”

Remastered for vinyl, Villains will finally offer Verve Pipe fans the chance to hear the seminal album in analog form. The original artwork has been carefully restored for the format by long-time Verve Pipe art collaborator Cris Logan.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 6 Days Left

Only SIX days until Record Store Day!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Gods of the Earth, The Sword presents a newly remixed and remastered edition of their seminal second album. Being a Record Store Day exclusive the album comes on a limited edition Pyrite color vinyl. Each song has been remixed from the original recording sessions by engineer J. Robbins and the LP is housed in a deluxe mirrorboard jacket with printed inner sleeve and download card.

“Gods of the Earth” is an epic, hard-driving metal masterpiece. It features a wide range of heavy riffs and sing-along choruses, with deep lyrical content that examines the state of humanity. The album has a dark, yet powerful and uplifting sound that is perfect for cranking up in your car or blasting at a live show. With an impressive combination of hooks and solos, it’s no wonder this record has become a classic amongst metal fans.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 7 Days Left

It’s time to take a trip… to Anvers! No, not that kind…

Only a week left until #RSD2023 and we can’t believe how close we finally are! One of the more underrated drops this Record Store Day is Alex Chilton’s “Live In Anvers”

Alex Chilton released Live In Anvers shortly before his death, having recently taught himself music transcription. He wrote out charts for various songs that he had written throughout his career – including “In the Street” from Big Star and “Bangkok” from his punk days in the late 70s. Diving deep into crates of southern soul music, Alex transcribed songs by Frederick Knight and others made famous by Sam and Dave and Ernie K Doe. The album was recorded in Belgium with a freshly formed band that had only just met, reading the charts he had crafted – it was another spur-of-the-moment performance typical of one of America’s most talented musical artists.

The album features a variety of covers and original songs, showcasing Chilton’s unique blend of rock, pop, blues, soul and country music. The concert was captured with stellar sound quality and audience interaction. Alex Chilton’s incredible performance made the album stand out from other live albums of the era, making it a must-have for fans of his work.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 8 Days Left

Do you got what it takes? Well to make it through these next 8 days of course!

One person who definitely would is The Queen, Koko Taylor. The seminal album, and her first with Alligator Records, “I Got What It Takes” is getting the Record Store Day treatment it deserves! Being a ‘RSD First’ Release, it of course comes pressed on a stunning translucent red vinyl.

Koko Taylor’s album “I Got What It Takes” is a must-have for any blues fan. The Grammy-winning queen of the blues belts out her soulful vocals on this classic album, backed by some of the best blues musicians around. From slow, simmering ballads like “It’s A Dirty Job,” to up-tempo, hard-hitting blues numbers like “Blues Hotel,” Koko Taylor and her band deliver passionate performances full of fire and energy. With her unmistakable voice, Koko Taylor’s “I Got What It Takes” is an essential piece in any collection of classic blues music.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 9 Days Left

9 days? 9 days. Well that’s probably a time as good as any to be swept up by the Texas Tornado.

One of the more intriguing releases for #RSD2023 is Sir Douglas Quintet’s “Texas Tornado: Live from the Ash Grove Santa Monica 1971”. A ‘RSD First’ release, this never before pressed record compiles a previously never released live show to finally be heard!

In 1965, The Sir Douglas Quintet burst onto the scene with the international hit single “She’s About a Mover,” featuring Doug Sahm on vocals and Augie Meyers on Vox organ along with a trio of talented musicians. With their mix of Mexican conjunto and British Invasion influence, they quickly built a strong following in Texas before relocating to San Francisco. When they visited the famous Ash Grove nightclub in Los Angeles in 1971, they were at their peak and this previously unreleased live set is being released for the first time on vinyl. It includes “She’s About a Mover” as well as “Mendocino” plus six other tracks perfect for getting the party going.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 10 Days Left

In the home stretch now! Only 10 days remain until Record Store Day! What’s been your favorite album for #RSD2023 so far?

A true gem of an album is on the ledger for today. The Dismemberment Plan’s album “Change” is getting the true Record Store Day treatment with the record getting not only a RSD Exclusive Release but a sky blue colored vinyl that fits the vibe of the album splendidly.

Originally released in 2001, the title appropriately describes this Washington, DC area band’s continued creative growth from a punk band to something all their own. Change brought shifts in tempo and a more layered sound for the band without them losing any of their edge or sharp wit. Critically acclaimed when released, the album still holds up, brilliantly balancing their very danceable and moody punk feeling. The album was produced by J. Robbins from Jawbox.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 12 Days Left

Happy(?) Monday! Well it at least is with only 12!! Days left until #RSD2023! Coming to y’all this morning with another Record Store Day Exclusive!

Following the Grammy-winning 20th anniversary edition of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Wilco offers an alternate version of the landmark 2002 album featuring unique performances by Jeff Tweedy and the band of all eleven songs. The collection was originally released as a bonus CD with the September 2022 edition of Uncut magazine, who call Wilco ‘America’s greatest band’ and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ‘a cast-iron rock classic’.

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Record Store Day Countdown | 13 Days Left

ONLY 13 DAYS TO GO! Happy Easter yall! Kicking today off with a long out of print re-issue for this years #RecordStoreDay, The Verlaine’s album “Bird Dog”!

One of the most prominent bands out of New Zealand that encapsulate the “Dunedin Sound”, The Verlaines “Bird Dog” is often considered to be their best, most introspective piece of work, and its songs “Slow Sad Love Song,” “Bird Dog,” and “C.D., Jimmy, Jazz and Me” all appeared on You’re Just Too Obscure for Me, the only compilation to span the group’s entire career. “Slow Sad Love Song” was the first song Graeme Downes ever wrote, in 1980, inspired by the suicide of a friend.

Out of print for years, Schoolkids Records is proud to re-issue this classic album exclusively for Record Store Day on opaque purple vinyl, with brand new design and album artwork by the band.