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Colored Vinyl

Hi-Fi Hits record store celebrates the history of colored vinyl and its ongoing resurgence in popularity. From the early days of manufacturing in a variety of colors to today’s special releases, the vibrant hues make music listening an aesthetically pleasing experience.

The first colored vinyl record was produced in the late 1950s by RCA Victor in an effort to attract more attention with their albums. Instead of traditional black, the records were created with a red-coated vinyl material, which was both eye-catching and unique at the time. After seeing great success with this initial launch, other music labels followed suit and soon it became a common practice for records to be released in different colors.

These days colored vinyl is considered quite rare and sought after, as production costs are much higher than traditional black records. Special releases often feature vibrant hues that evoke feelings of nostalgia from collectors and make them highly desirable. Many of the world’s most expensive colored vinyls have been sold for figures well over $1000 USD, making them coveted items amongst serious music buffs.

Colored vinyl certainly has its place within today’s music industry, especially when it comes to special editions or exclusive releases from artists. Its history has endured for decades and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Here at Hi-Fi Hits record store, we’re passionate about preserving the colorful history of vinyl and keeping it alive in modern times. Come join us as we celebrate this unique form of art and relive the rich legacy that colored vinyl has brought to generations past and present!