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Record Store Day Countdown | 7 Days Left

It’s time to take a trip… to Anvers! No, not that kind…

Only a week left until #RSD2023 and we can’t believe how close we finally are! One of the more underrated drops this Record Store Day is Alex Chilton’s “Live In Anvers”

Alex Chilton released Live In Anvers shortly before his death, having recently taught himself music transcription. He wrote out charts for various songs that he had written throughout his career – including “In the Street” from Big Star and “Bangkok” from his punk days in the late 70s. Diving deep into crates of southern soul music, Alex transcribed songs by Frederick Knight and others made famous by Sam and Dave and Ernie K Doe. The album was recorded in Belgium with a freshly formed band that had only just met, reading the charts he had crafted – it was another spur-of-the-moment performance typical of one of America’s most talented musical artists.

The album features a variety of covers and original songs, showcasing Chilton’s unique blend of rock, pop, blues, soul and country music. The concert was captured with stellar sound quality and audience interaction. Alex Chilton’s incredible performance made the album stand out from other live albums of the era, making it a must-have for fans of his work.