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(Actually) 24 Days Until Record Store Day!

Looks like we are too excited for #RSD2023 because TODAY marks 24 days until Record Store Day!

Lana Del Ray just dropped her new album “Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” with multiple special edition vinyls, including a bright green and a vibrant red one!

The record is possibly her most personal and thoughtful yet, exploring themes of nostalgia and longing. Through twelve tracks, she crafts a sonic landscape of dreamy melodies and intimate lyrics. The title track emphasizes the importance of re-discovering forgotten places through vivid imagery and an ethereal soundscape. It serves as a reminder to dig deep into our pasts for understanding instead of glossing over them. Her latest work invites us to explore the unknown by reminding us that there are secrets just beneath the surface waiting to be uncovered.