Nada Surf – The Proximity Effect LP (Vinyl)


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In advance of the band’s forthcoming new album, coming out this spring on Barsuk Records, Nada Surf is excited to have The Proximity Effect available on vinyl again, having been out of print for some time. After being swept-up in the mid-90’s major-label alternative craze, the band turned in their more mature and developed sophomore effort, The Proximity Effect, to Elektra Records in 1998. As happened to multiple bands of the era, the major label didn’t know what to do with the more developed sound and, while released in Europe to great reviews, the band was dropped from Elektra along-side other now-notable Elektra alums Spoon, Ween and more. A protracted battle with the label eventually led to the band finally getting the rights back to the album and in 2000 they released it on their own homegrown label MarDev Records..The album includes live-staples and fan favorites such as “Hyperspace” and “80 Windows”.Includes single-use code for hi-resolution MP3s. LP-MARDEV-002 UPC : 655173995211 Street Date : 12/11/2015