Ghost, The – Temple Stone (Clear Vinyl, Green, Black, White)


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  • Temple Stone
  • (Clear Vinyl, Green, Black, White)
  • Artist: The Ghost 
  • Profile:Japanese experimental rock and improvisation group, formed in Tokyo in 1984. Disbanded on 3 August 2014.
  • Format: LP 
  • Release Date: 2/23/2024
  • LABEL: Drag City
  • UPC: 781484012917
  • GENRE: Rock


Limited transparent green, black, and white colored vinyl LP pressing. Following Second Time Around, Ghost repaired to the deserted temples and sacred places that inspired their early gestation, drawing on the energies found there over a two year period to render their heard and unheard musics with the calmest spirit among all Ghost releases. Vibrations of the ancient and the sacred reverberate in bucolic space, extruding openly and with contentment from the very heart of the shared creation of Ghost.


A1 Moungod Radiant Youth

A2 Guru In The Echo

A3 Under The Sun

A4 Moungod Asleep

A5 Freedom

B1 Rakshu

B2 Blood Red River

B3 Orange Sunshine

B4 Giver's Chant

B5 Sun Is Tangging