Future Islands – In Evening Air LP (Vinyl)


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Artist: Future Islands

Title: In Evening Air LP

Genre: Rock/pop

Label: Thrill Jockey Records

In Evening Air is the debut full length from Future Islands on Thrill Jockey. This follows up the limited 12" EP In The Fall (released on April 6th). In Evening Air marks the first full-length release from Future Islands since moving to Baltimore, and also their first full-length release as a focused three piece. However, there's no lack of spirit in this paring down. More so, there's a greater intensity and eye to detail than we have yet witnessed from the group. These changes are felt and heard. In Evening Air takes us and swirls us around those feelings of growing outside of one's city and one's self. It moves through gripping loss and the search for peace from a heavy head, with an ease and understanding where there was none. Free MP3 download coupon.

Item #: LP-THRILL-235X

UPC/EAN: 790377235111

Dist: Redeye


A1 Walking Through That Door 4:33

A2 Long Flight


A3 Tin Man


A4 An Apology 3:44

A5 In Evening Air 1:13

B1 Swept Inside


B2 Inch Of Dust 3:34

B3 Vireo's Eye 4:07

B4 As I Fall