Warren Zevon – Preludes (Vinyl w/Booklet)


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  • Preludes
  • (Booklet)
  • Artist: Warren Zevon 
  • Format: LP 
  • Release Date: 6/24/2022
  • LABEL: New West Records
  • UPC: 607396559015
  • GENRE: Folk


Double vinyl LP pressing. Includes booklet. Following Warren Zevon's death in 2003, his son Jordan Zevon discovered 126 unreleased outtakes and demos in a piano-sized touring case. This discovery would be distilled down to the best of these recordings and eventually released as a 2-CD set titled Preludes released on May 1, 2007. When the album was released, it featured sixteen unreleased recordings from Zevon's personal archives, as well as six never-before released songs and a five-part 2000 interview with KGSR's Jody Denberg. This release will be pressed for the first time on black vinyl. This double LP set features all of the exclusive bonus tracks as well as a beautiful 20-page perfect bound book, all packaged in a hardbound slipcase.


Preludes A1 Empty Hearted Town 3:04 A2 Steady Rain 4:18 A3 Join Me In L.A. 2:27 A4 Hasten Down The Wind 2:30 A5 Werewolves Of London 3:36 A6 Tule's Blues 3:02 A7 The French Inhaler 3:31 B1 Going All The Way 2:15 B2 Poor Poor Pitiful Me 3:09 B3 Studebaker 2:24 B4 Accidentally Like A Martyr 3:05 B5 Carmelita 3:56 B6 I Used To Ride So High 2:43 B7 Stop Rainin' Lord 2:11 B8 Back In The Highlife 3:11 C1 The Rosarita Beach Café 4:08 C2 Desperados Under The Eaves 3:44 C3 Workin' Man's Pay 2:06 C4 Frozen Notes 1:42 C5 Some Kind Of Rider 3:20 C6 I Was In The House When The House Burned Down 3:02 C7 Don't Let Us Get Sick (Solo Acoustic) 3:10 Primate Discourse: Warren Zevon Talks D1 Warren Speaks On Songwriting And The Early Days Of His Career 7:14 D2 Musings On Mortality, Song Noir, Religion In His Music And The King Of Rock N'Roll. 5:07 D3 A Chat About The Producers Of "Life'll Kill Ya", The Album's Stark Sound And Other Singers Covering His Songs. 5:09 D4 His Take On Steve Winwood's Classic, The Split Personality, Images And Inspirations In His Compositions. 3:58 D5 His Feelings About The Rhino Records 2 CD Anthology Of His Work, The Size Of His Audience, Having His Music Used On TV Shows And Movies, Acting, Performing And The Response To "Don't Let Us Get Sick". 5:18

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