Vinyl Styl® 12 Inch Archival Inner Record Sleeves – HDPE-Lined – 50 Count (White)


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  • Vinyl Styl® 12 Inch Archival Inner Record Sleeves – HDPE-Lined – 50 Count (White)
  • BRAND: Vinyl Styl
  • UPC: 762185031520
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  • AVAILABLE DATE: 7/5/2023

Vinyl Styl™ 12 Inch Record Premium Inner Sleeves – Poly Lined Paper 50 Pack (White)

Vinyl Styl Protective Inner Record Sleeves are to designed to provide a lifetime of protection for your valuable record collection.

Inner sleeves help protect your records from unwanted dirt, dust, and scratches, thereby protecting the sound quality of your music and extending the life of your collection.

The Vinyl Styl™ Archival Quality Inner Sleeve provides the ultimate in protection: We use paper sleeves lined with non-scratching HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethlene). This material is gentle on the record grooves, has anti-static properties and is inhospitable to mold and mildew growth.

Vinyl Styl – Sound Solutions for the Modern Era

Product Features

  • 50 Count Package
  • Dimensions: 12" x 12"
  • Designed to fit one 12" LP record
  • Resealable package to help keep your vinyl area organized
  • Easy open lip
  • White Paper with soft Poly lining
  • Paper Weight: 80 GSM
  • Paper Brightness: 80.5
  • High Density Polyethelyne Lining Material is Anti-static
  • External Seams reduce snags and jams when inserting LP into the sleeve
  • Archival quality

Vinyl Styl provides the highest level of sustainability for your records and accessories, while most importantly remaining affordable. Protect your collection with Vinyl Styl today.