Triumph The Insult Comic Dog – Come Poop With Me (CD/DVD)


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Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)  

Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) 

Label: Warner Bros. Records – 48328-2

Format: CD, Album


Country: US

Released: Nov 4, 2003

Genre: Non-Music, Pop

Style: Comedy, Novelty


CD-1 Intro 2:59

CD-2 Who 1:37

CD-3 Underage Bichon 3:03

CD-4 Call To Kennel 2:35

CD-5 Benji's Queer 3:10

CD-6 On The Road 2:13

CD-7 Lick Myself 2:24

CD-8 Call To STD Hotline 2:34

CD-9 Cats Are C**** 4:59

CD-10 30 Seconds Of Magic 3:00

CD-11 Call From Triumph's Son 2:03

CD-12 Blackwolf 4:39

CD-13 Call To Chinese Restaurant 4:03

CD-14 You Have To Work Blue 7:06

CD-15 My Mama 3:59

CD-16 Bob Barker 2:10

CD-17 Call To Catalog 4:54

CD-18 Together In Pooping 5:19

CD-19 No Rules In The Animal Kingdom 4:26

Bonus Tracks

CD-20 In The Studio 2:54

CD-21 I Keed 3:51

Bonus Live Performances

DVD-1 Little Roundworm 4:25

DVD-2 Interview 3:54

DVD-3 Sense Of Smell 2:20

DVD-4 Interview 4:15

DVD-5 Cats Are C**** 4:52

DVD-6 Interview 4:40

DVD-7 Interview 5:21

DVD-8 Blackwolf 4:37

DVD-9 Interviews 7:36

DVD-10 You Have To Work Blue 10:11

DVD-11 Bob Barker 2:28

DVD-12 Together In Pooping 6:22