Sword – Warp Riders (Vinyl)


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Warp Riders

Artist: Sword

Format: LP

Release Date: 8/24/2010

LABEL: Kemado

UPC: 184923001150

GENRE: Heavy Metal


Vinyl LP pressing. 2010 release, the third album from the Texas Metal act. One of the foundations of the Metal revival of the past 10 years, The Sword have released two flawless slabs of vintage heaviness, toured the world with Metallica, and were honored to grace the past three editions of Guitar Hero. This summer, the band casts it's gaze to the stars for Warp Riders, their most ambitious effort to date. It is the band's first concept album and is fittingly grand in scope, both lyrically and in terms of musical craftsmanship.


1 Acheron/Unearthing the Orb

2 Tres Brujas

3 Arrows in the Dark

4 The Chronomancer I: Hubris

5 Lawless Lands

6 Astraea's Dream

7 The Warp Riders

8 Night City

9 The Chronomancer II: Nemesis

10 (The Night the Sky Cried) Tears of Fire

Dist: Redeye