Suicide – Suicide (Vinyl)


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Artist: Suicide

Format: LP

Release Date: 7/26/2019

LABEL: Mute U.S.

UPC: 4050538253610



Vinyl LP pressing. Suicide's landmark self-titled LP was originally released in 1977, seven years after the group's initial conception as part of the performance art scene on New York's Lower East Side. It's hard to overstate the importance of the seven tracks on Suicide, which paved the way for punk, industrial, hip hop, noise and beyond. "Ghost Rider" accelerates with brutal anguish and desire for everything rock 'n' roll. Martin Rev's utterly singular "instrument" pounds out a synthetic soundscape, while Alan Vega's oversaturated vocals obsess over motorcycle getaways. "Rocket U.S.A." distills the duo's dynamic power down to a ghostly pulse, while the psycho-drama of "Frankie Teardrop" (Bruce Springsteen's all-time favorite song) delves even further into cinematic storytelling and, at the same time, clears the room at the end of the night.


– Disc 1 –

1 Ghost Rider (2019 – Remaster)

2 Ghost Rider

3 Rocket USA (2019 – Remaster)

4 Rocket USA

5 Cheree

6 Cheree (2019 – Remaster)

7 Johnny

8 Johnny (2019 – Remaster)

9 Girl (2019 – Remaster)

10 Girl

– Disc 2 –

1 Frankie Teardrop

2 Frankie Teardrop (2019 – Remaster)

3 Che

4 Che (2019 – Remaster)