SOUND, The – Counting The Days (RSD Vinyl)


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THE SOUND Counting The Days



Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: 2 x LP

Label: Demon Records

Quantity: 2500

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

Formed in south London in 1979, The Sound were an English post-punk band fronted by singer-songwriter Adrian Borland. Whilst The Sound may never have matched the commercial success of their peers, the group are frequently hailed as one of the greatest bands of the 1980s and have a cult following to this day. Issued in 1986, Counting The Days was the sole compilation released during the band’s years together and gathers tracks from their acclaimed releases Shock Of Daylight, Heads And Hearts and In The Hothouse. The complete collection is now issued on vinyl for the very first time, pressed on two 180g clear vinyl discs.


Side One 1. Counting The Days 2. Winning (Live) 3. Dreams Then Plans 4. Total Recall Side Two 1. Burning Part Of Me 2. Longest Days 3. Under You 4. Golden Soldiers Side Three 1. Silent Air (Live) 2. Sense Of Purpose (Live) 3. "New Way Of Life" Side Four 1. Wildest Dreams 2. Heartland (Live) 3. Temperature Drop 4. Missiles (Live)