Real Friends – Torn In Two (Vinyl, Colored)


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Torn In Two

Artist: Real Friends

Format: LP, Colored

Release Date: 3/4/2022

LABEL: Pure Noise

UPC: 810540033365



"Torn In Two is a great showcase of things to come. We really took our time deciding the best songs to represent us and this new chapter. These 5 songs are a look at what we've been working on and shows how the band has grown and evolved while yet remaining Real Friends. I really liked how we were able to incorporate the Torn In Two theme throughout. The album artwork being people separated. The 5 main songs on one side and five alternates on the other. I think the past year has left a lot of us feeling torn, scrambling to reconnect with a sense of familiarity. I feel music and these songs bring things back together for me. I hope these songs can make you feel connected in just the same way." – Cody Muraro.



– Disc 1 –

1 Remedy for Reality

2 Nervous Wreck

3 Teeth

4 Spinning

5 Storyteller

– Disc 2 –

1 Remedy for Reality (Reimagined)

2 Nervous Wreck (Reimagined)

3 Teeth (Full Band Version)

4 Spinning (Reimagined)

5 Storyteller (Reimagined)