Pink Guitars – Hand EP (DIY) (CD)


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Pink Guitars – Hand EP (DIY)

Hand EP is a debut release from this Buffalo, NY based hardcore punk band, but this exact material has been entirely recorded by Sean Wild who played all the drums, bass lines, and guitars. The EP consists of eight hardcore punk tunes which have been recorded on a laptop by Sean Wild and the vocals have been recorded at house studio by Mike Fuller. Sound of the Pink Guitars is close to the Dischord bands which have been active during the eighties, probably my first guess would include bands like Minor Threat, Government Issue, Gray Matter, The Wipers, Teen Idles, but the band is not shy to express much experimental sound in a form of drastically slower melancholic and archaic melodies. Considering everything has been recorded on a laptop, this material sounds pretty analog and the production has done a lot of work, so Hand EP sounds like it was recorded back in the eighties. Vocals can be annoying from time to time, but what the hell, this is punk rock, so if you’re avoiding such good tunes because of the vocals, then go ahead and pick some other music genres to enjoy. The band identifies with straight edge ethics, a couple of tunes are about clean lifestyle, so this material can be described as educational to the younger generations of punks who share some nihilistic point of views. Everything is made in the spirit of DIY ethics and the packaging for this material has been designed, cut, folded, glued and packed by Sean Wild, like the bands and individuals used to do decades before. I must admit this pink cardboard sleeve with a big black hand at the front side of the cover looks pretty appealing, it reminds me of a lot of design solutions for some legendary releases which have been in almost every hardcore punk record collection. To be fair, this one came to me as a bit of a surprise and I will definitely enjoy some good music this summer.



On The Inside 02:55


Embrace The Freeze 02:20


Stops Completely 03:06


The Hand 01:28


Built In X 01:19


Reading Books About Zen 00:36


Above It All 02:36


Bad Day 02:05