Osees – Intercepted Message (Vinyl)


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"A pop record for tired times. Sugared with bits of shatterproof glass to put more crack in your strap. At long last, verse / chorus. A weathered thesaurus. This is Osees bookend sound. Early grade garage pop meets proto-synth punk suicide-repellant. Have a whack at the grass or listen while flat on your ass. Heaps of electronic whirling accelerants to gum up your cheapskate broadband. Social media toilet scrapers unite! Allow your 24-hour news cycle eyes to squint at this smiling abattoir doorman. You can find your place here at long last. All are welcome from the get go to the finale… a distant crackling transmission of 80s synth last-dance-of-the-night tune for your lost loves. Suffering from Politic amnesia? Bored of AI-generated pop slop? Then this one is for you, our friends. Wasteland wanderer, stick around. Love y'all. For fans of Teutonic synth punk and Thee Oh Sees (who the f*** are they?)" -John Dwyer



  • 1
  •  Stunner
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  •  Blank Chems
  • 3
  •  Intercepted Message
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  •  Die Laughing
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  •  Unusual & Cruel
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  •  The Fish Needs a Bike
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  •  Goon
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  •  Chaos Heart
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  •  Submerged Building
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  •  Sleazoid Psycho
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  •  Always at Night
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  •  Ladwp Hold