Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The – When God Was Great (Yellow Vinyl) (Yellow, Indie Exclusive)


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IEX, Yellow Vinyl. Since their formation in 1983, the BossToneS have been credited as one of the forefathers of ska punk and the creators of it's subgenre, ska-core. With a career spanning over 30-years Boston's best dressed band has built and continued to build a devoted following with their unique brass-infused brand of punk rock. Here with their 11th studio album, "When God Was Great", their first for Hellcat Records, produced by Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) and Ted Hutt (of Flogging Molly), and featuring guest artists from the many punk and ska bands that they have influenced. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are vocalist Dicky Barrett, bassist Joe Gittleman, saxophonists Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton and Leon Silva, Bosstone Ben Carr, drummer Joe Sirois, guitarists Nate Albert and Lawrence Katz, keyboardist John Goetchius, and trombonist Chris Rhodes.


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