Martin Medeski & Wood – Friday Afternoon In The Universe (Vinyl)


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For the last 30 years, Medeski Martin & Wood have explored the boundaries of modern jazz, incorporating hip hop, avant-garde, world music, and electronic funk influences into their fearless improvisational style. It's title taken from the first line of "Old Angel Midnight" by Jack Kerouac (himself a legendary improviser), 1995's Friday Afternoon in the Universe flings a whole lot at the wall and just about everything sticks, with mid-'70s Miles Davis the predominant hue in an ever-changing sonic palette. "Chubb Sub" is a favorite, and was used prominently in the Get Shorty soundtrack, but even the most abstract numbers groove and move. First time on vinyl! A1. The Lover A2. Paper Bass A3. House Mop A4. Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps) A5. Baby Clams A6. We're So Happy B1. Shack B2. Tea B3. Chinoiserie B4. Between Two Limbs B5. Sequel B6. Friday Afternoon in the Universe B7. Billy's Tool Box B8. Chubb Sub B9. Khop Khun Krub (Thai for "Thank You")



  • – Disc 1 –
  • 1
  •  The Lover
  • 2
  •  Paper Bass
  • 3
  •  House Mop
  • 4
  •  Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)
  • 5
  •  Baby Clams A6. We're So Happy
  • – Disc 2 –
  • 1
  •  Shack B2. Tea
  • 2
  •  Chinoiserie
  • 3
  •  Between Two Limbs
  • 4
  •  Sequel
  • 5
  •  Friday Afternoon in the Universe
  • 6
  •  Billy's Tool Box
  • 7
  •  Chubb Sub
  • 8
  •  Khop Khun Krub (Thai for "Thank You")

Dist: Redeye