Mac Miller – Go:Od Am [Explicit Content] (Vinyl)


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Go:Od Am [Explicit Content]


Artist: Mac Miller

Format: LP

Release Date: 12/11/2015

LABEL: Warner Records


UPC: 093624922681

GENRE: Rap/Hip Hop


Double vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper. He is also a noted record producer under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman. Miller is also becoming known for taking on multiple alter-egos, under the aliases Delusional Thomas, Larry Lovestein and The Velvet Revival, respectively. In early 2013, Miller launched REMember Music, his own record label imprint, named after a friend who died. In October 2014, it was reported Miller signed a record deal for him and his label REMember, with Warner Bros. Records. Over the years, he has released solo albums as well as popular mixtapes.


– Disc 1 –

1 Doors

2 Brand Name

3 Rush Hour

4 Two Matches (Feat. Ab-Soul)

5 100 Grandkids

– Disc 2 –

1 Time Flies (Feat. Lil B)

2 Weekend (Feat. Miguel)

3 Clubhouse

4 In the Bag

– Disc 3 –

1 Break the Law

2 Perfect Circle / God Speed

3 When in Rome

4 Ros

– Disc 4 –

1 Cut the Check (Feat. Chief Keef)

2 Ascension

3 Jump

4 The Festival (Feat. Little Dragon)