Lava® Lamp 14.5” Orange Wax/Blue Liquid/Silver Base & Cap (Lamp, Decor)*


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  • Lava® Lamp 14.5'' Orange Wax/Blue Liquid/Silver Base & Cap
  • (Lamp, Decor)
  • BRAND: Lava Lite
  • UPC: 047162021177
  • WEIGHT: 3.1 lbs

20 oz. Classic Lava® Lamp 14.5" Orange Wax / Blue Liquid / Silver Base & Cap

From the young to the young-at-heart, Lava® has been a beacon for those looking to lose themselves in wonderland and have continued to captivate for over 50 years. This timeless icon is an embellishment to your living space and an awakening to your head space, constantly evolving in ways to illuminate your mood.

Watch the mesmerizing motion of different sized wax blobs as they collide, split apart and ooze their way up and around the glass globe of this peaceful LAVA® lamp. A hand-spun base and cap make this lamp truly unique. Enjoy the relaxing motion of this timeless LAVA® lamp.


  • LAVA® Lamps produce a soft, warm light, mesmerizing movement, and relaxing, ever-changing wax forms
  • 20 oz. is the classic lamp size, standing at 14.5" tall
  • Silver aluminum base and cap with orange wax suspended in blue liquid
  • Plugs into a standard 120-Volt household electrical outlet, comes with an on/off switch and is UL Tested and Certified
  • 25 watt light bulb included
  • Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 16.5 in
  • Weight: 3.15 lbs

What should I do if my lava lamp becomes cloudy?

Don't worry! Cloudiness in your lamp's liquid can be an easy enough fix. To clear up the water, you should begin by turning off the light and let the wax settle at the bottom of the globe and completely cool. Then, turn on until the density of the wax breaks up. After breaking begins shut off again until it cools, then repeat. Running the lamp in short “bursts" like this will help.

To prevent this in the future, don't move or shake lamp while warm – and especially don't shake or drop the bottle!

Are lava lamps safe?

Lava lamps are safe so long as you know how to use them! If this is your first time buying one of these cool lamps, make sure to consider the following:

  • If you have children, make sure to keep them out of reach. "Look, but don't touch" definitely applies to lava lamps.
  • Don't touch a lava lamp that's on or has been on recently; they get very hot!
  • Don't leave the lava lamp on for too long. If the light is on but the wax has stopped flowing, this could be a sign of overheating.
  • Make sure the area around your lava lamp is clean; don't leave clutter (especially paper) around.
  • The liquid in lava lamps is non-toxic, but you should never break or force one open.