Jeff Miers – Dharma for none (CD)


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Artist: Jeff Miers

Title: Dharma for none

Label: Not On label, none

Format: CD

Released: 2022

Country: US

Region: Buffalo

Genre: Rock

Jeff Miers – guitars, bass, keyboards, drums


Ryan John Nogle – drums

Eric Starr – drums

Declan Miers – bass, guitar, moog

Erin Ward – acoustic guitar

Ethan Weissman – guitar


Lucy Bell

Vinnie DeRosa

Tony DeRosa

James Seney

Nelson Starr

Craig Warner


1 Maxwell's Demon

2 Dharma for None

3 Panic Attack

4 Interlude (Good Luck!)

5 Puncture

6 This Can't Be the Place

7 Loving the Alien

8 The Clearing Sky

9 Suspended in Satori

10 Repent, Harlequin

11 Ask the Dust