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Media Condition: Very Good (VG) Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG) 1. “Exit, 20th Century-Enter The 21st…” Park Jin-young[a] 2:01 2. “Love and Remember” (사랑해 그리고 기억해; Saranghae geurigo gieokhae) Park[a] Park[b] Also translated as “Love and Memories” 4:25 3. “Dance All Night” Park[a] Bang Si-hyuk[b] 3:50 4. “Take It All” (모두 가져가; Modu gajyeoga) Park[a] 3:41 5. “After You Left Me” (그대 날 떠난 후로; Geudae nal tteonan horo) Park[a] 3:38 6. “Say god” Park Joon-hyungDanny AhnYoon Kye-sangSon Ho-youngKim Tae-woo Park Jin-young[a] 3:43 7. “Sorrow” (애수; Aesu) Park[a]Yoo Gun-hyung Park[b]Yoo 8. “Train” (기차) Park[a] Bang[b] 4:31 9. “Friday Night” Park[a] Bang[b] 3:30 10. “21C Our Hope” (21C 우리의 희망; 21C uriui huimang) Park Joon-hyungAhnYoonSonKim 3:30 11. “The Story of Five Men” (다섯 남자 이야기; Daseot namja iyagi) Park Joon-hyungAhnYoonSonKim Park[a], Park Joon-hyung 3:15 Total length: 39:45