Ed Bentley – Here We Go Again (CD)


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Ed Bentley – Here We Go Again

Audio CD (June 15, 2005)

Original Release Date: June 15, 2005

Number of Discs: 1

Label: Rockabilly Hall of Fame

UPC: 692863084121

Product Description

Legend Releases New Disc on Rockabilly Hall of Fame Label Ed Bentley's CD Release June 16, 2005 – Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee Ed Bentley, from Yorkshire, NY, looks rather laid back and relaxed on the disc's cover, but when you slap the CD in your player you'll hear nothing that's laid back and relaxed. The story goes like this … Ed Bently was browsing the Internet, found his name among those listed on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame web site and inquired by e-mail if this could possibly be him. Shortly thereafter, he was informed that "yes" this is you – could you please send a bio and some photos – and Ed was soon inducted. Now, this recently inducted member of the Rockabilly of Fame has released a brand new CD … "Here We Go Again … to celebrate his recent induction. This CD, a collection of some original tunes and some older rockabilly and boogie remakes, was recorded at Sessions Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY and is now released on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame label. Says Bob Timmers, founder of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, "After we found him to be the 'real deal' he was brought into the fold. These veterans of rockabilly music need to have their stories told. That is our purpose and it has great rewards, especially when cats like Ed are still giggin' and recordin'".

Track Listings:

1. Freight Train Boogie

2. Rock a Baby Boogie

3. Dance Bop a Shoo Bop

4. Let's Tear It Up

5. Bluebirds Over the Mountains

6. You Been Changing Your Mind

7. Slap Happy Boogie Band from Tennesee

8. Lovin' Man

9. Get Rhythm

10. I'm Getting Better All the Time

11. Honey I'll Be Gone

12. The Fool

13. Oh Yeah

14. Matchbox