Dio – Holy Diver (CD)


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Holy Diver – DIO – Holy Diver is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Dio, released in 1983. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio had just finished his first tenure in Black Sabbath, whose drummer Vinny Appice he took with him to put together his own band. The roster was completed by his former band mate in Rainbow Jimmy Bain on bass and by the young guitarist Vivian Campbell, coming from the NWOBHM band Sweet Savage. The album was acclaimed by the music press and is the most successful of the band. The cover features the band mascot, Murray spinning chains around waves where a man with a priest or minister's collar in chains is floating. Dio was quick to argue that appearances are misleading, that it could just as easily be a priest killing a devil, wanting people not to "judge a book by it's cover".



  • 1
  •  Stand Up and Shout
  • 2
  •  Holy Diver
  • 3
  •  Gypsy
  • 4
  •  Caught in the Middle
  • 5
  •  Don't Talk to Strangers
  • 6
  •  Straight Through the Heart
  • 7
  •  Invisible
  • 8
  •  Rainbow in the Dark
  • 9
  •  Shame on the Night