Amboy Dukes, The – The Amboy Dukes (Colored Vinyl, Green)


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The lost tapes have surfaced, bringing with them a walloping new stereo mix! A sonic cocktail of acid garage, blues & psych rock from one of Detroit's finest – featuring Ted Nugent! Dominated by gritty head-swirlers and heavy, fuzz guitar licks, their debut is considered to be an early innovator of heavy metal. Their five and a half minute version of "Baby Please Don't Go" is an absolute acid garage classic with some fantastic feedback and great guitar sustain. Nugent creates some serious guitar noise on this number and shows off his brilliant chops. The album closes with another garage classic, "Gimme Love." This song has some laser fuzz guitar riffs and angry Mike Drake vocals. In between these two garage monsters are many other great compositions. There are a few covers, two work really well (the splendidly bluesy "Let's Go Get Stoned" and the gritty Who cover "It's Not True"). They also hit real hard with "Colors," a furious acid rock song with some sinister soloing. "Phillip's Escalator" is very Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd with brit vocals, clanging chords and first class guitar scrape. It's a true classic on this exceptional outing. The guitar freakouts, Who-like energy and great songs make this debut a prime slice of early Detroit rock. – The Rising Storm



  • – Disc 1 –
  • 1
  •  Baby Please Don't Go
  • 2
  •  I Feel Free
  • 3
  •  Young Love
  • 4
  •  Psalms of Aftermath
  • 5
  •  Colors
  • – Disc 2 –
  • 1
  •  Let's Go Get Stoned
  • 2
  •  Down on Philips Escalator
  • 3
  •  The Lovely Lady
  • 4
  •  Night Time
  • 5
  •  It's Not True
  • 6
  •  Gimme Love

Dist: Redeye