Alain Goraguer – La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl)


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La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Artist: Alain Goraguer

Format: LP

Release Date: 8/29/2020

LABEL: Superior Viaduct

UPC: 857176003584

GENRE: Soundtrack


Limited vinyl LP repressing of this classic 1973 Space-Age Pop soundtrack from the long-time Serge Gainsbourg collaborator. Animated sci-fi masterpiece LA PLANÈTE SAUVAGE (a.k.a. FANTASTIC PLANET), winner at Cannes Film Festival in 1973, is a bizarre and beautiful film. Towering blue-skinned figures, tiny humanoids in the midst of revolt, and drug-induced Tantric sex transport viewers to a truly magical setting. Composer Alain Goraguer creates an equally hypnotic score from a palette of effects-laden guitars, flutes, Fender Rhodes and strings. While the lush arrangements are reminiscent of Goraguer's collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg in the 1960 's, Space-Age synth flourishes suggest a more Psychedelic era. Moody vignettes flow together in tense, slow-paced Funk rhythms and Baroque textures. Gorgeous, interplanetary sounds-capes resemble the surreal meeting point between Pink Floyd's OBSCURED BY CLOUDS and Broadcast's FUTURE CRAYON. This long out-of-print vinyl release features the original soundtrack recording and newly designed artwork. Recommended for fans of Ennio Morricone, Basil Kirchin and David Axelrod.


1 Deshominisation (II)

2 Deshominisation (I)

3 Generique

4 Le Bracelet

5 Ten Et Tiwa

6 Maquillage de Tiwa

7 Course de Ten

8 Ten Et Medor

9 Ten Et Tiwa Dorment

10 Ten Est Assom?

11 Abite

12 Conseil Des Draags

13 Les Hommes-La Grande Co-Existence

14 La Femme

15 Mira Et Ten

16 Mort de Draag

17 Leoiseau

18 La Cite Des Hommes Libres

19 Attaque Des Robots

20 La Longue Marche-Valse Des Statues

21 Les Fusees

22 Generique

23 Strip Tease

24 Meditation Des Enfants

25 La Vieille Meurt

Dist: Revolver